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Trust Management Services, LLC

General Funding Policy
We Do Not Fund:

- Capital Campaigns
- Individuals or Individual Scholarships
- Endowments
- Debt Retirement
- Requests for General Operating Expenses
- Salaries - with the exception of those applied to a specific project
- Projects with budgets greater than $50,000
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Treasury Authorization Letter?
The Letter that the IRS issues to designate your organization as Tax Exempt under the 501c3 code of the Internal Revenue Services.
What do you mean by "secured"?
No loose pages. A themebook or notebook with all pages secured in the book.
If I am near the deadline, should I Fedex the application?
No. As long as your application is postmarked by the deadline date, your application will be considered. We only accept applications sent by USPS.
What happens after I submit my application?
Your application will be reviewed to make sure you included all of the information requested. You may be contacted by a member of the TMS staff to arrange a site visit of your organization. This would be a 30 - 45 minute visit to clarify your project's intent and to meet some of your key players. A visit by TMS staff does not indicate imminent funding.
What are the next steps if my organization's project is funded?
You will receive a funding agreement in the mail. That must be signed and returned. Then you will receive a check! After the completion of your project, a final report must be submitted within one calendar year of the funding. If your project is delayed for any reason, you must contact TMS for permission to extend your final report deadline.
What is needed in the Final Report?
1. How and when the funds were spent
2. Financial accounting consistent with the proposed budget
3. Specific impact or goal achieved
My organization has satellite offices in several different counties. May I apply for funding in each county?
No. A funding request may only be submitted in the county of the main office of the organization. Each non profit organization is allowed to submit ONE application.